Quarky – ERP solution allows companies to automate processes and keep allinformation including the critical onesup to date. Quarky ERP automates many aspects of business processes, with following core functions

Putting people at core of the system Keeping information up to date Viewing the financial health at any time Concentrating on helping others

Customer Relations and Selling
  • Track Opportunities
  • Prepare Quotations
  • Record Orders and Shipments
  • Distribute Commission to the Sales Partner or Sales Team
  • Apply pricing and discounts based on rules
  • Record Warranty Claims and their resolution
Purchases and Inventory
  • Automatically raise Material Requests
  • Send Purchase Orders to Suppliers
  • Record Purchase Receipts
  • Track inventory levels per Warehouse and make required corrections on manual inspection
  • Use Batches and Serial Numbers
  • Get stock valuation
  • Use automated inventory accounting.
  • Plan Production and Material Requirements using Production Planning Tool
  • Make production schedule based on Workstation availability
  • Use hierarchical Bill of Materials and costing.
  • Sub-contract / outsource part of the manufacturing process
Billing and Payments
  • Bill the customers and record Supplier’s Invoices
  • Manage pre and post payments
  • Track pending ones and provide Credit Notes
  • Use different currencies
  • Manage recurring invoices
  • Restrict approval based on amount
  • Budget purchases using monthly distribution of funds and Cost Centers.
  • Define and allocate Tasks for Projects
  • Make Time Log entries for work done against Tasks
  • Track orders and invoices and inventory against Projects
  • Bill your Customers using Time Logs.

View reports like Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss, Sales and Purchase Register, Project Gantt Chart, Item-wise Purchase History, Customer Acquisition and Loyalty, and many more. Create your own reports using the Report engine or by writing custom database query.

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